Revolutionizing drug development for the solutions of intractable diseases
Our Mission
Our Mission
To revolutionize the solutions of intractable diseases, positioning ourselves to be a global leader in the drug & vaccine development and research of cellular products.
Integrative health-industry group. Provide Total Healthcare Solution younger & healthier lives.
BioCreatrix was founded upon over 30 years of R&D and drug development experience in the fields of oncology, immunology, clinical genetics, neurology, bioinformatics, and cellular therapeutics.

We are devoted to vigorously develop revolutionized therapeutics & personalized vaccines for the prevention and treatment of intractable diseases.  BioCreatrix is committed to enable patients to lead a healthier life by developing therapeutics and health care solutions in the areas of unmet medical need.
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Our People
BioCreatrix is led by a team of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals.
BioCreatrix is led by a team of world class scientists and physicians with over 30 years of experience in cellular research and clinical practice. Additionally, BioCreatrix has established a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), composed of leading academia and industry executives with a multi-disciplinary breadth of expertise.
CBIOLAB is equipped with outstanding assurance system compliance with GMP, AABB, ISCT, and FACT accredited production program.
icon Drug Development Center
Drug Development Center
Research and innovation are at the heart and soul of BioCreatrix.